Our Services


Industrial Automation

combines all of automation software’s technological innovations in a modular system. thinkfinity labs are well-equipped to assist businesses in overcoming challenges and making the transition to a greener future. Our product portfolio and industrial engineering services can help you increase productivity.

Power Electronics Design

Our product design organization develops a diverse range of products for the medical, commercial, industrial, aerospace, communications, and industries of consumer electronics. We have significant experience with quite compact and aggressively minimal power-managed products.

Data Loggers and PLC Solutions

The Integrated Data Logger product is intended to work in close partnership with IoT as well as analytical processing systems. Of numerous I/O options, the interfaces data logger is ideal for designing custom automation solutions.

Embedded Based Solutions

“Embedded software” is a set of code instructions for non-PC devices to control specific functions of the embedded system/device, either as part of a microcontroller or as part of another application that is installed on top of the chip.

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Android Application

Development services would include architecture, development, and optimisation of mobile software that runs on all Android OS versions that are supported. We always ensure a sustainable and seamless mobile experience by approaching Android with native, variant, and cross-platform development.

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​Debug Equipment And Software

Debugging is an important aspect of software engineering, it’s the process of identifying and resolving errors, or bugs, in a software system. There are several common methods and techniques used in debugging, including code inspection, debugging tools, unit testing, integration testing, system testing, monitoring, and logging.